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Basic SEO Package – $199/month

This is our starter package, which is great for small websites and small business that want to get first page results but have a low budget. The starter pack has everything you need to rank for up to 25 keywords in low competition niches.

  • • Basic SEO on page optimization
  • • Link building to increase rankings and authority
  • • Local SEO w/ important local citations
  • • Claiming Local Listings such as Google Places, Yelp, etc
  • • Basic social media promotion on authority sites like Facebook and Twitter

You can sign-up now and get started immediately or contact us for more information.


Silver SEO Package – $299/month

Our Silver package is a slightly more comprehensive plan, developed to acquire more keywords for your niche. This package is still great for businesses on a budget but has aggressive keyword captures.

  • • SEO on page optimization
  • • Authority Link building to increase rankings
  • • Authority Local SEO w/ important local citations
  • • Claiming Local Listings such as Google Places, Yelp, etc
  • • Social media promotion on authority sites like Facebook and Twitter
  • • Optimization for up to 50 keywords

You can sign-up now and get started immediately or contact us for more information.

Gold SEO Package – $499/month

Our gold package is our advanced package for business owners who want faster results. The package was created to get top rankings and drive high quality website traffic quickly. It can help generate leads and sales to grow your business rapidly. Not only does it deliver results, but this package is also designed for long term, sustained rankings. .

• Advanced SEO on page optimization
• Authority Link building, Press Releases, and more to increase rankings
• Advanced Authority Local SEO w/ important local citations
• Claiming all local Listings such as Google Places, Yelp, BBB, and more
• Advanced Social media promotion on authority sites like Facebook and Twitter
• Optimization for up to 75 keywords

You can sign-up now and get started immediately or contact us for more information.

Why Should You Use Our SEO Service?

The most important aspect of our business is that we do the work ourselves. Everything is completely in-house. Too often, lazy web development and SEO firms outsource portions of their work in order to get the job done faster or more cheaply. This usually results in inferior work and inferior results. We also stay focused on the real work, so we don’t have to charge customers for overhead or extra expenses. We understand that every advertising dollar matters, especially these days. When you use our service, you can be assured that every dollar you put in is going toward work that directly benefits your businesses and has an impact on your search engine results.

Some small business owners make the mistake of thinking that the internet and SEO is just a small piece of their business presence. The fact in the modern day is that any business that doesn’t have a very strong internet presence simply isn’t going to be successful. If a modern consumer can’t find you in a few seconds on their laptop, smartphone or tablet, then you are going to have them as a customer. Simply, your strongest marking tool is your online presence. Philadelphia SEO aims to ensure that your business has a dominant online presence that will continually and consistently drive customers that are actively looking for your products or services to your website.

Not Crossing the Line

The final major concern for those who hire out SEO services is whether or not that provider has ethical practices. We pride ourselves not only in getting results but also in getting results the right way. The bottom line, no pun intended, is that we care more about giving you good quality SEO and not just about turning a buck. The fact is that good quality SEO doesn’t need any underhanded practices to be successful and make great money. The profit is in the quality, and that’s what we are achieving. The strategy doesn’t revolve around trying to fill up a screen with click ads and flashing banners. Instead, we focus on the things that will really make your business successful and profitable, namely staying on top of what all the major search engines like Google demand. When the links to your business fill the first page of search results, you won’t need click ads because the real business will already be flowing in. A steady stream of active customers is exactly what you will get when you use our SEO services.

It’s all in the Connections

The internet is all about connections, and most of those connections are hidden from view. That is the great secret of making SEO work successful. You have to build the connections behind the scenes so that you can see an impact on the search pages.

To see how this works, let’s consider a major search engine like Google. How does this engine go about ranking the near countless websites and hundreds of thousands of different keywords? It does this primarily through complex algorithms and the use of a special program called a spider or web crawler. At a basic level, these programs dictate search results by scanning webpages and providing them with a rank based on a number of different factors. One of the most important factors a spider is looking for is how connected that web page is to other relevant pages. This means that the links on a webpage mean almost as much as the content of the page itself.

The other side of connectivity is what major websites are linking back to your pages. Links are essentially a two-way street. The spider examines this street both ways. The highest rated connections are those working both ways, when your page links to a site and that site links back to your page. This shows the spider that you aren’t just spamming your page links out to whoever has an open line. Instead, you actually have a real connection and relationship with whoever is operating that other page.

The quality of these other pages is also vital. If you have a bunch of great two-way links to pages that are themselves very low ranking, then those connections aren’t going to help your site. Lazy SEO businesses will take the cheap route, buying pages from places like India just so they can put your links on a bunch of other sites. Unfortunately, this doesn’t get a result because the spider is smart enough to realize that these pages are junk. That all changes when you have links to newsworthy sites that are actually providing valuable content and are themselves highly rated. Our business has taken the harder, longer and ultimately more successful road of building our own network of high-quality sites. We place your links on these sites, instead of cheap junk sites, so that the connection actually helps raise your rankings. Our long-term work is now paying off for your business.

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